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About twenty-nine years ago, with retirement just around the corner, a search began for someone to manage the not too large finances accrued during working life. There were three possibilities discovered; two were from banks and the third was Robert Latimer.
When I rang for interviews with the bank employees they did not ask any questions re my situation and the eventual interviews were disappointing. Although seeming positive they did not give any true indication of how my money would be managed or what income could be expected each year.

When Robert was first contacted, he asked several leading questions about my situation and, at the interview he presented me with a tentative document outlining what could be done with my finances and what I could expect to receive from investments.
Well, there was no doubt that here was the person I needed.
From that point onwards both myself and my brother have enjoyed the capable management of our funds with Robert at the helm.

Beryl and Donald Clarke

He and his team are honest, capable and very friendly with a cuppa and chat always available when needed and, needless to say, we can definitely recommend Partner Financial Group to anyone seeking financial advice.

Lisa, Aaron, Krish, Maria, Pearl and Lucy

After four years of my father’s  neurological condition, which is slowly taking away his mobility and sight, and facing the grim reality that he would most likely need to be cared for in a high-level permanent residential aged care facility due to his worsening  condition, I consulted with my father’s Financial Planner, Robert Latimer, about the feasibility of my husband and I being able to buy a house with separate living areas for my parents to move in with us so that we could take on a closer caring role for my father.

Considering my husband, Aaron, and I were not already home owners and that neither of us had secure employment, I was most surprised that Robert earnestly considered our request to purchase a home in the area of Box Hill North, where our two daughters were already attending primary school.

After preparing a detailed financial report, Robert wasted no time in referring our situation to a very capable and willing mortgage broker, Cheri, who enthusiastically put up her hand to handle our application for a home loan with great professionalism and surety.

Furthermore, Robert also very kindly, and of his own volition, assisted us in our house search on-line and recommending some two storey homes which may have been suitable if I were prepared to move out of Box Hill North.  Although at the time when Robert was suggesting two storey houses, I was reluctant (due to my father not being able to access the upper level) exactly three weeks after meeting with Robert, we were signing a contract of sale for the purchase for a spacious two storey house for all six members of my family to live in!

Thank you so very much Robert for helping our family be able to live together so that my husband and I can provide the high level of care my father will be requiring in the near future, preventing him needing to go into an aged care facility when my mother can no longer help him on her own at home.  You have prevented my father from having to live separately from my mother which also means so much to my parents after 48 years of marriage.  You have helped to turn my father’s progressive illness from a negative into a positive as my immediate family and my parents will have the opportunity to be together every day, which our daughters, Pearl and Lucy, are so excited about!

Once again, thank you from all of us.
Lisa, Aaron, Krish, Maria, Pearl and Lucy


Close to settlement day, in front of the house that was soon to become a home , l-r Lisa, Maria, Pearl, Lucy, Krish and Robert – and Aaron behind the camera.

Michael Wong

Robert Latimer has been the trusted family advisor of my parents for many years and so some 10 years ago when the need arose for my wife Maria and I to seek some financial advice, Robert was the natural choice.

Robert met with us over several meetings spending a lot of time discussing our goals and aspirations which ultimately resulted in a strategy plan that covered our wealth creation goals but also addressed protecting our most important asset; ourselves.

The value of his advice was proven many times over when I suffered a heart attack earlier this year and was able to make a claim under a trauma insurance policy. Robert and his team took control of the claim process from the outset which was a great relief given what I had been through and the ultimately successful claim meant that we were in a financially secure position and most importantly, gave us options for the future rather than being forced down a particular path.

Robert’s professionalism, advice and support has given us peace of mind and ensured that we remain in control of our financial position rather than it controlling us.

Thanks Robert!

Michael Wong

The team presenting Michael with his Insurance payout. A great result! 

Dawn & Ron O’Brien

Robert Latimer has been our  financial adviser and consultant for over twenty years and during that time has provided us with highly professional and competent advice. He has developed a friendly, helpful and cooperative team of consultants. We have great respect for his integrity and always appreciated Robert’s personal and enthusiastic help to us and our family.

Robert’s contribution to local and overseas welfare to those in need is indicative of his humanity and compassion.

We give Robert our highest recommendation and trust.

Dawn and Ron

Jean Parry

Brian & Sylvia Good

We appreciated the time with you recently. The years have passed quickly since retirement in 1997, with our meeting with you, each year, to discuss our investments, coming around so quickly.

As a couple who have little knowledge of, or aptitude for, financial investment we have felt very secure in the knowledge that you have been advising us, and looking after our investments. We have found your advice to be very clear and balanced, as you have recommended investments across a range of financial categories, so that we don’t have “to many eggs in one investment basket”. In our annual meeting with you we always gain a very clearly-explained understanding of the status of our investments, together with recommendations for any desirable changes.

We quite look forward to the annual meeting with you to discuss our investments. We appreciate that the discussion goes beyond just the matter of investments, to include chatting about our lives in general. In that context, we appreciate the way that you always express interest in our general well-being, whichs adds an element of friendship to our relationship.

Brian & Sylvia

Chris & Irene O’Malley


Ruth Shoebridge


Dawn Volz

As my financial advisor for many years, Robert Latimer is someone I depend on to regularly appraise my financial situation and give sound, professional advice.

I can always rely on Robert’s integrity, competence, approachability and impeccable attention to detail.

Thanks to him, my financial outlook is secure and I look forward to continuing our happy association in the future.


Colin & Pam Seedy

Testimonial for Robert Latimer (Partner Financial Group)

We have used the services of Robert as our financial adviser since 1994. During that time we have seen his business grow substantially which is no doubt an indication of his continuing success.

The current move in establishing his own trading name (Partner Financial Group) in conjunction with Dover Financial advisors, should enhance his capacity to provide independent financial advice.

Choice of a financial advisor is a very personal thing, but we have used Robert because:

  • he has a friendly engaging demeanour and listens to his clients concerns and ideas
  • he identifies client needs and advises accordingly
  • he has a broad financial knowledge and has earned our confidence through the advice he has provided to us over the past 17 years – he helps us to sleep at night!
  • he and his staff are ‘customer service’ oriented and provide strong administrative back-up to follow through on agreed action plans, including timely annual reviews and reports.

Pam and Colin Seedy, CPA, Retirees


Maureen Ashcroft

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