As far as money is concerned, no sooner do you change one thing than it affects something else.  For example, spend more and there’s less available to save, get a pay rise and there’s often more tax to pay and build up more assets for retirement and you may get less Age Pension.

Just a few reasons why the best financial plan for you needs to take into account a range of issues and why we at Partner Financial Group are equipped and ready to help.

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7 Step Process

 Professional financial planning follows a logical process. 

 This ensures your personal and financial situation is fully understood by your adviser and any recommendations being made are appropriate.  

 Our goal is for you to be informed and to have your expectations met and wherever possible exceeded.

 The 7 key financial planning steps are as follows:



Code of Ethics

It’s been said that people… “don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Whilst the adage, “know your client” is at the heart of good financial planning, so is ONLY recommending strategies and products that we, as the adviser, would also be happy to adopt.

The following 8 principles form the foundation on which a professional financial planning service is delivered:


Source:  Financial Planning Associations (FPA) Professional Guidelines

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