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The trouble with money is that it does not come with “directions of use”.    We either make our own rules up as we go along, or the rules are made up for us by others.

To achieve the things we really want in life, the trick is to firstly control the money we have – our income and assets – and then be intentional about how it is allocated; so much for spending, so much for saving and so much for investing.

The fact is, most people will allocate more time planning a two week holiday than they will developing a sound plan to manage the money they will earn over a lifetime.

Financial security is no accident.  It’s the result of planning and disciplined action.  But to use a familiar, well worn cliché … “people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan”.

We hope you find this website of value.  If you’d like to talk through your “money-questions” then we offer a one hour “Initial Discussion” at no cost.  Simply call the office to book a time.  It’s a chance for you to assess us as financial planners and for us to determine whether we can be of value to you.

We wish you every success

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